Its is a good thing to pursue education career abroad but the truth has to be said though it might be bitter.I currently studies in the Netherlands and the way those agent paints it to you is very alarming.In some certain part of Europe, you can study and work along side while in some parts its not possible.For instance,Ukraine is neither EU or Shengen country and student are not permitted to work at all.I repeat, students are not permitted to work. The disadvantage there is that, before you can leave there for any other country in Europe, you will need visa.Secondly, if you are coming to study in any of shengen country that is EU like Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany etc students are permitted to work but the issue of Language comes to play here and with your visa, you can visit all the shengen country and easily get a visa to other EU countries.
Furthermore,in case you need to come over here for your academics, go to the school sites and read everything they need dont pay a huge amount of money to any agent.I came here by myself, i did everything online by myself.Our problem is that we want everything to be done for us on a platter of Gold that is why those agent normally turn us to their prey.
Anybody that is interested in any school here in Europe, should go to their website read all what they needed and apply freely and if you were told that they have agent in Nigeria, go there and verify and if the agent is charging abnormal fees, let the school know.
If you need any advice on this issue, my email is [email protected] and i will be happy to assist.
Thank you