How do you write your cover letter?
The old and lame way or the attractive Way that makes everyone say yes? Most people are so afraid of even writing one. But whether we like it or not most of us will still need a cover letter at some point in our lives. The point I am trying to make here is, you need a cover letter every time you send out a résumé/ CV; simply dropping off a résumé with an employer seems impersonal and lazy, and non-governmental employers avoid employees with those traits.

So what is a cover letter?: It's a letter which you send to a potential employer along with your résumé/cv. A cover letter is important because, among other things, (1) it will tell the recipient for whom the résumé is intended, (2) it can elaborate on your knowledge of the company and your desire to work for it. So, if you are on the search for a new job, you will need to produce cover letters with brilliance, flair, and speed and, therefore, you will need to settle in and read this article with all seriousness.

Whenever I ask most people: “what do you know about the industry you are applying for or their employer.” Their answer is always negative. So for you to get that job you dream about you need to do a little RESEARCH

Each cover letter must be produced for a specific employer. You can recycle some of the text for cover letters within the same industry, but each letter should contain a reference to something about the employer/company and what he/she/it has done. If you're thinking that you don't know anything about a potential employer or what it has done, then get out your shell. You have some research to carry out.

Your research will cover both the industry and the company. We all know that each company falls under an industry and whatever happens in that industry surely affects the company. By way of example: You love to apply to Oceanic international which falls under the banking industry. Therefore, your search must cover the industry and the company.

You should first research your industry and learn: important business or technological trends {current need that affect all of them}, significant recent transactions {alike during the era of merger}, hiring trends, popular terms {the type of skills required}, phrases and subject matter.
This background information about the industry will help you to write all cover letters for jobs in the industry. Then, for each individual employer, you should find out: the nature of the company's business, its major clients or customers, its history, important recent transactions or developments, hiring trends and employment needs.

But wait a minute – does this research thing sounds like a big work? Yes It is, but it will help you land a job. But come to think of it this way: the more you know about an industry and a particular company, the more effective your cover letter will be in communicating that you are a good candidate. People who send in bland, non-specific cover letters communicate (1) that they know little about the industry, and/or (2) that they didn't care enough to research the company they want to work for.
To illustrate, consider the following examples...

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