Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online.It is so easy that you could make $500 daily.

There are a couple of Scam out there you need to be aware of and note that the best are free to join.try joining niches/affiliatewhich pays between $20 to $40 per sale because competition is low and during this period of global recession ,things are really hard on most people,you can also join affiliate network like commission junction that deals with only software,E book and other online product.they pay about 70% commission NOTE:no car or eletronic company will pay you 70% of sales as commission.

Here is a good niche/affiliate network it is free to register and you get $20 for refering a person and $130 for each sale you help them make. they pay you through innternational cheque. this is how it works : after you register they give you a link on your request,that link is a unique link that only you have .you in turn will that link in google adsence,yahoo advert,live search,forums,web site etc and when someone buys through that link they pay you. i just received my $846.67 money order. it is that easy.
Here are a couple of them{please use this link to register it is my referal link}


you can mail me on [email protected] for more help or information on good affiliate