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here we will be making money with get paid to programs

get paid to programs are programs that pay you to do certain things like clicking adverts,signing up, completing surveys etc

some companies pay from $0.1 to $0.3 per singup and $0.05 per click. Looking at this tiny money might make one get out of the business but wait dont go yet….

Paid per signups
let's say you are paid $0.1 per signup and you complete 30 signups per day that is $3 daily for one site.
You might see this as a big task but with this software called gtpsuite you can do it within 15minutes. It automates the process for you without you typing a letter.
$3 per day x 30 days = $90 excluding earnings from clicks

features of the software

use to create temporary emails. No more spam in your email accounts.
Instantly create fake profiles and fill in forms in one click.
Completes offers automatically and fills out yes/no and skip.
6 gpt sites included, so you can complete your favorite offers multiple times!
Adblock plus: Hides annoying ads during browsing.
Deletes cookies everytime browser exits or with ctrl+shift+delete.
Does not interfere with your main browser.

This is a software that you must have to make some easy cash…

paid per click
in this program they pay you once you stay up on a particular site for 30 seconds the payments are from $0.01 to $0.05 so all you have to do is to open the software called clickbomber and then put in the website and your log in details and the software will click all the ads for you saving you a lot of time.

Lets now assume now that you are working with two get paid to programs website and you devoted 1hr completing 40 signups per day at $0.1 per each which will accumulate to $4+$1 that will come out from the clicks = $5 daily- $35 weekly-n5,250 weekly. In a month you will be making around n15,000 or thereabout. Remenber that this program doesnt need any tech knowledge. But need some effort if you dont work you wont eat so take it serious. Some sites out there that promise $3 per signup are scams i have sites that pays daily to your alertpay or libertyreserve.

To make things easier for you i wrote a guide with the softwares in it. The guide contains:
Gpt suite software
clickbomber software
guides to follow
5 genuine tested paying sites
bonus: Neobux best money making method.pdf
the book cost n1,000
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