We can help you find a Job!

Everybody dreams of having the perfect job right after school but what happens if you don't?
You make your own, that's what we say.

By now you should have heard about FREELANCING. Freelance is a way to earn money while doing what you are good at without working for any single employer. Freelancing is the next BIG thing and AFRYLance is simplifying it for. Don't let your inability to find a job ruin your ability to provide for yourself or your family. Many are making a minimum of $1K a month freelancing and the beauty of it is that you can work when you want, how you want, and wherever you want.

Don't wait to be told again, you can sell your skills and services online and we can show you how you can make money as a freelancer, selling to international clients today.

Don’t restrict yourself to selling your skills, products, and services locally!

Sell online and get PAID in Naira

AFRYLance is the brainchild of career freelancers who are dedicated to informing and educating youths on the pros and cons of freelancing while bridging the gap between freelancers and the organizations that need their services.

You can visit our website for more information: www.afrylance.com

The number 1 question we get is perhaps the most important:

"How do I get started as a Freelancer?"

To answer this question, we have decided to host a one-day interactive practical seminar on how to begin freelancing.

The seminar is FREE and open for just 15 people!

During this seminar we will teach you:

**How and where to learn a highly sought after digital skill and start getting paid!

**How to register on a freelance platform and help you find the right freelance platform to market your services!

**How to improve yourself, get better at what you do and scale up your freelance career!

+++In addition (for the first five people)

**We will also help you create professional account!

Seminar details are as follows:

Date: 18th August, 2018.

Location: V8 Executive Conference Room, 7B Dr. Ezekuse Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

We don't want anything from you, just your enthusiasm to learn and your laptop or mobile phone as everything will be practicalized.

Find out more and book a seat at:

This seminar is FREE and only available for the serious minded individuals who want to work and earn in dollars