Recruitment Consultant is the perfect Job for a graduate coming out of university to find themselves faced with a highly competitive job market, armed with a degree not specifically targeted to any job in the real world.I had a 2nd Class Degree in Philosophy when I graduated. There wasn’t a single job in the paper asking for that! Nevertheless there are numerous ways to get a job in recruitment and earn the big bucks.The standard procedure is to post your CV on a job board like Monster and then apply to the recruiter jobs posted there in. This method can be effective in generating interest. Depending on your location barriers to entry in the industry are sometimes very low, however competition can be high.Actual recruiting experience, though desirable, is most definitely not essential. Telephone or face to face sales experience, or even just the right attitude coming straight from school or university can be all it takes to get your first job.
How to Get a High Paying Job - In Recruitment