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Topic: GTB Interview Experience- Current Affairs

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    GTB Interview Experience- Current Affairs

    Please be very current if u are preparing for GTB interview. I was grilled for over 45mins on current affairs both on local and foreign matters.
    Also be able to tell them why you read your course and why you think GTB is the best place to start.
    The interview environment was almost a hostile one but remain very calm and confident as it might just be a ploy to see how confident you are. Know about banks , their awards, MD's, consolidation and re-capitalisation issues and your views about them, states and capitals and their governors, presidents of countries, UN policies and its secretary general, Elections that were annuled, problems in the national assembly and senate, millenium development goals etc
    Just be prepared for any thing and be positive about yourself.
    It is well in Jesus name, our efforts will not be in vain. I wish you all the best and dont forget to pray, pray, Pray, PRAY.

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    Re: GTB Interview Experience- Current Affairs

    I love your style regading this info. Keep it up.

    God bless your sister.

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