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Topic: How to start up a Business with little capital

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    De Don... How much money do u have to start with? I think that will give room for the kind of business....Tell me the amount and I will advise you on what to do...I started my own kind of distributorship business small too...with about 1.5m. So let me know how much u have to start with...

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Starting a biz with little money? Then you need my ebook to do just that


    Basic Network

    Internet marketer


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Its my belief, a strong one at that you do not need too much qualification, money and connection to build a solid business.

    fact is that with too much money, your enterprise may even fail at the onset.

    what you really need is

    1. a sound and implementable idea
    2. the discipline to stay put until your idea mature
    3. the right tools and technique that is crucial to the industry you have chosen.
    4. Have a game plan
    5. develop s system to get actualize your goals
    6. take note of what is working so as to concentrate your time and energy on it.
    7. wash, rinse and repeat.
    8.make almighty God your business friend and partnet, and you will get there.

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    hello guys, i want to infor u all dat i ve laptops 4 sell. it is the latest modem, ie it is higher dan "pentium M". so fi interested pls contact me on dis [email protected]

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    You guys are great!!!
    Starting a business without capital is what I have heard ppl talk about that it is impossible. Maybe you would have a re-think with this. An agent who just links a buyer to the seller in Real Estate business receives 10%. Imagine you knowing someone who needs a plot of land for sale in Victoria Island worth of 100million Naira. All you need do is link the buyer to a seller and you receive a cool 10%. Cool 10million naira from that. Do you need any capital to start that. House all you need in this kind of scenario is your brain and the right information. Need more info on plots of land for sale in strategic locations, you can reach me

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    my friend no biz is small what matter is where u are going and the king of biz u are ready to venture into. create or find a business you are interested in, study how it works be ready to face challenges while transfering ur interest. u must do what u like and watch it grow or else it will fall. "there is all in every small".

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Dear Friend’s

    Are you tired of being a slave to the rat race? If so, you have probably thought about how you could make money independently. But after seeing scam after scam on the Internet, you might wonder if there’s any hope for making money on your own. Well, maybe you are approaching the matter in an incorrect way. Instead of searching for a get-rich-quick scheme, you need to be focusing on building a legitimate business. This is the only way you can truly secure your financial freedom.

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Although am new here but i am not new when it comes to 'forumanizing' or when it comes to sharing excellent business ideas anyone can start with on a shoe-string budget and still profit more than 1000%.

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    I have no Advice to give you but just to send you to a site that will help build you business with out you spending much http://instantcashcow.tripod.com/ and you will discover new things and they will also help you with your questions. try it, it works

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Pro Unitate! Good piece.

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    a tip for financial breakthrough " the larger your capital the bigger your profit" you might end up wasting your time , human resources, intellectual, etc starting with an unreasonable of amount of business. remember what you cant finish dont start.

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

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