The tyranny of do it my way or we are enemies.Beautiful people, the beauty of life is its variety, and no matter how we try people are bound to see, be and act differently. This is completely out of our hands. It is the very nature of life that there will be differences, divergence, multiplicity, and unfathomable disparities. This is why life is so beautiful, so sweet yet so dynamic.By insisting on having the same, we lose it all. We miss the glamour, the insights, the wisdom, and the awe of it all. we lose the true beauty of life because we simply believe that people and things that are different from us and ours are our enemies.The truth is that our ideals will always differ, our looks will always differ, our beliefs, our professions, our culture, our physique, our eye color, our marital status, our choice of partner, type of marriage, our fingerprints, our hopes can not be the same. Look at things with an open mind, explore the varieties, embrace the difference, and enjoy this beautiful world. Diversity is strength, and variety is choice.