Using Jiji to sell your products in Nigeria can be quite easy and rewarding if you are an internet savvy digital marketer.

However, if you are just an internet novice who just wants to use the classified ad listing platform to market a product because everyone else says it’s good idea, it can become quite complicated.

In business, nothing brings more joy than knowing the best tactics to use in marketing your products and services.

Like Jumia, Konga, etc., Jiji is one of the most popular marketing platforms that help business owners to sell their products online in Nigeria.

How would you feel, having thousands of deals everyday? I’m sure you will always have that lively smile that lingers on the face of every happy man.

Jiji can be very useful in selling your products and services online if you know what you are doing.

In this post, I have outlined 5 important things you must be aware of before using Jiji to sell your products in Nigeria.

1. Use REAL Quality images
A quality image promotes the originality of a product and makes it more appealing to buyers. But more importantly, it must be the exact image of the product you want to put up for sale.

2. Ads Promotion
To use Jiji to sell your products in Nigeria is free. But if you want to get quick sales and turnover, you must actively promote your ads make it more visible to potential customers. In order to promote your product, upon completion and ads uploads to your Jiji account, it is necessary for you to share your ads on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram etc. where your followers can see the ads and probably click the share button.

3. Know who your target audience’s are and post in the best category
The truth is a product can be appealing to different kinds of people who may likely have different needs and goals. In other words, every product has its target buyers. And you must know that these target audience visit specific categories on the Jiji website.

4. Always be available
Do you know that one of the worst things you can do using Jiji to sell your products is to be unavailable when a potential customer needs your product or service. A serious marketer must always be accessible and available at all times.

5. Product Description
Most business owners have failed in this part. It’s not enough to just place your product images on Jiji. It must come with detailed product description. A well described product sells itself because it provides potential customers with all the information they need concerning the product to make a decision.

E.g., Let’s say you sell laptop on Jiji. If you don’t have a description of the specifications of laptops you sell, do you think customers will have the time to ask you about it? I doubt. So to be on a safe side, make sure your products go along with a description.

Final thoughts
Marketing your products on Jiji doesn’t require any special digital marketing skills. But it does require you to remember to use well described high quality product images and to always be available to pick your calls when potential customers call.

If you remember the above things, you’ll have better chances of using Jiji to sell your products in Nigeria successfully.

Good Luck!!