This program offers the following training which are relevant for students, graduates, Nysc, workers, etc in today’s market.
1. Piping Design (PDMS)
2. Seismic & Well logging (Reservoir Estimation)
3. Computer Aided Design(AutoCAD)
4. Process Engineering Principles and Design (Hysys)
5. Piping and Instrumentation Design (P&id)

6. Drilling & Completion Technology
7. Groundwater Exploration to determine depth of aquifer
The whole training is a package that intends to produce experts in Process/Piping Engineering design, Seismic/Well logging interpretation etc.
Process Engineering and Design course is unique. It begins by discussing the design of processes for desired physical and/ or chemical transformation of materials. The design starts at a conceptual level and ultimately ends in the form of fabrication and construction of plants. Processes include many unit operations which change raw materials into finished products using physical and/or chemical means.
Several design materials including real life design documents and software applications shall be made available to participants. The Process engineering design focus of this academy is the one relating to oil and gas fluid processing. The unit operations shall be the ones used in the surface facilities of oil and gas plants.

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