Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Practical Training
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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) SOLUTION APPROACHED

Ø Introduction to Finite Element Methods (FEM)
Ø Applied FEM - Industrial Approach Methodologies using FEM
Ø Industrial Approach to Design and Validation
Ø Element Formulation in FEM
Ø Shape functions in FEM
Ø Preparing geometry for meshing
Ø Organising FE Models
Ø Geometry Construction - Create & Edit
Ø Repairing Surface Topology
Ø Defeaturing models Transformation

Advanced Methodologies in Structural Analysis

Ø Structural Analysis
Ø Linear Static Analysis
Ø Thermal Analysis
Ø Modal Analysis
Ø Couple Analysis
Ø Non-linear Analysis
Ø Frequency Response Analysis
Ø Analysis setup for various solvers
Ø Bucking Analysis
Ø Linear structural analysis
Ø Spectrum analysis
Ø Transient analysis
Ø Fatigue analysis
Ø Steady state thermal analysis
Ø Composite analysis
Ø Optimization analysis
Ø Fluid Structural interaction

Mesh Generation

Ø What is mesh
Ø Types of mesh in FEA
- Mesh quality
- Skewness
- Smoothness
- Aspect ratio

Structural mesh topology

Ø 2D Topology – H – Mesh, O – Mesh, C – mesh
Ø 3D Topology – H-H, H-O, H-C, O-O, O-C, C-C

Practical stress analysis

Ø Stresses from simple components
Ø Material behaviors and failure mechanisms
Ø Fatigue and fracture
Ø Heat transfer and thermal stress analysis
Ø Simple component design
Ø Dynamic Analysis
Ø Harmonic frequency response analysis
Ø Transient dynamic analysis

Application Techniques (FEA)

Ø Techniques of geometry modeling
Ø Key points, lines, areas and volumes
Ø Geometric construction
Ø Simple Mesh Generation
Ø Choice of elements
Ø Element (material properties)
Ø Element shape (tri/quad)
Ø Mesh density (element size)
Ø Automatic generation of FE model
Ø Model optimization
Ø Boundary Conditions Selection
Ø Symmetry
Ø Pressure surfaces
Ø Solution & Post processing
Ø Model database, results files
Ø Plotting, printing etc.. Results
Ø Analysis Checking

Based projects using/Assignment

Domain A. simple cantilever
Domain B. Mohr’s Circle and state of stress
Domain C. Analysis of a Beam
Domain D: Design of Aircraft Structures or Design of Automotive Structures
Only ONE of the above mentioned domains will be considered, participants must clearly
mention their choice of Domains in the modules.

Real life or dummy project(s) will be provided to test the participants’ ability to use the acquired skills to handle real life projects

For more info contact: Tel: 08133476558, 07085740887
Address: Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Email: vogwconcept50 (at)