As an integrated company with operations across a broad spectrum of Engineering operation worldwide,NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC.UNITED KINGDOM. strives to recruit and retain the best and brightest in a variety of exciting and challenging fields. Each year,NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC.discovers these talents from amongst the local and overseas graduates.

In tandem with our continuous business growth, we carry out regular talent search exercises to meet our increasing human resource needs.
At present, NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC. has a workforce of more than 30,000 operations in more than 30 countries in the world, This number represents 28 nationalities with varying capabilities, knowledge and skills to undertake various upstream and downstream projects in a variety of geographic and business environments.

NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC. offers occupational mobility along both the technical or managerial tracks and ample opportunities for learning and growing. A career with NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC means unleashing your trust potential.

Below is the current available Job position in NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY PLC So kindly reply us with CV/Resume for our
confirmation to enable us proceed regarding to employ you in our oil and gas company.

Send your CV at

Job #1: Petroleum Engineering.
Job #2: Drilling Services
Job #3: Civil Engineering
Job #4 Computer Engineering
Job #5: Architect Engineering
Job #6. Marine Engineering
Job #7: Mechanical Engineering
Job #9: Electrical Engineering
Job #10: Electronics-Telecommunication Engineering
Job #11: Surveying Engineer
Job #12: Aerospace Engineering
Job #13: Computer Engineering
Job #14: Site Engineering
Job #14: Piping Engineering
Job #15: Inspection Engineering
Job #16. QA/QC Engineer
Job #17: Accountant Engineer
Job #18: Design Engineer
Job #19: Factory Engineer
Job #20: Engineering Manager
Job #21: Production Manager
Job #22: QA/QC Manager
Job #23: Production development Executives
Job #24: Workman/foreman/technician
Job #25: Service/maintenance supervisor
Job #26: Project Manager
Job #27: Manufacturing / Maintenance
Job #28: Safety Officer
Job #29: Environment Engineer
Job #30: Geo-technical Engineer
Job #31: Geologists
Job #32: Accountant
Job #32: Sales Manager
Job #33:Accountant

and others.

Note that upon the receipt of your cv/ resume, it shall be forwarded
to our screening department of the COMPANY or screening and proper
verification, you shall be contacted if successful after the screening
and your appointment letter will be sent to you immediately.

If the applicant is successful, He or she will also enroll on a two
weeks Job elaboration and specification workshop as regard the Job
responsibility/Designation which will be given due to the difference
in Expatriate policies between the expatriate Country and Great Britain.
We will not write to you if your Cv/ Resume DO NOT match our criteria.

We looking forward to hearing from you

Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Plc,Finsgate
5-7 Cranwood Street,
E-mail:[email protected]