*?Therefore, if all diseases come from one root cause, it is also possible that ONE medicine that is 100% alkaline with required antioxidants can cure all diseases.*
*?Dr Otto Wurburg, a German, two times Nobel prize winner said in one of his thesis that*:
*??bacteria* , *??viruses* , *??fungi can not survive in an Alkaline environment*
*?Based on above scientific statements, a product that is 100% Alkaline with potent rare Antioxidants*
*??can neutralize ACIDOSIS,*
*??can suffocate and kill Bacteria,*
*??can suffocate and kill virusis*
*??can suffocate and kill fungi,*
*??can revive the body glands,*
*??can stimulate hormone production, and*
*??can enable the body to naturally heal itself.*

? *JIGSIMUR* *is acclaimed to cure all kinds of diseases because it does all of the above and even more.*
*?First, it detoxifies the body of toxins,.*
*?Again, it has a high ORAC value and its 100% Alkaline.*
?? *ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity:*??
*??This means the strength or capacity of a medicine to absurb Free Radicals and renew damaged cells.*
*??The human body is made up of over 100 trillion Cells.*
*??It is these cells that make the tissues, the organs and the body.*
*??Cells are made up of atoms.*
*??Atoms are paired with electrons.*
*??When these cells are with their atoms paired with electrons, they replicate and renew themselves thereby keeping the body young, healthy and disease- free.*
*??But when an atom in a cell breaks up with its electron, it becomes a Free radical, a scavenger looking for other electrons to pair with.

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