If you are thinking about a writing as a career, or you already are a freelance home writer, then you are in a very lucrative career. Freelance home writers are different than most careers, as it is possible to earn as much as you want to.

Now that the internet is mainstream in most people's household, there are literally thousands of different ways to earn money online now. Freelance writing is only going to get more and more popular as time goes by, meaning that you will only get more opportunities to earn an income as time goes by.

If you simply want an extra few hundred dollars a month to add to your income, or fund study, then you can write on the side, and get paid for each piece of work.

If you want to make it a full time job, then you can easily write from home, and make very good money. The amount of money you make depends not only on how much you write, but who you write your work for, and your methods of publishing.

There are websites which will pay you directly for the content you provide. This is great if you just want a bit extra, and want to know how much you will make every week. The problem with these websites, is that they are submitting your work and taking a commission for it. If you are serious about making a good income, like many freelance home writers are, then you will want to get paid directly from the businesses and individuals who are buying your content.

There are a few ways of doing this. One way is to manually search on sites such as elance and freelancer.com, for people who need some content written. You can submit a bid, and if you are successful you will need to prove you are a high quality writer. A portfolio of sample content, or links to content which has been published with your name as the author is sufficient for this. You can then do the work, and if it is approved, you will get paid.

This system works fine, except it is very labour intensive, and takes up a lot of your time doing things which don't actually make you money. The only way freelance home writers make money is to write!

Another way which will make you a lot more money, for the same effort, is to join a dedicated freelance home writers site. These sites get together in one easy format, thousands of jobs and offers from businesses and companies and people who want content written. You just have to choose what you want to write about that day, and away you go.

Another huge benefit to joining a website such as this is the training provided. There is training from beginner level to advanced, and will get your writing up to a professional level expected by the businesses and individuals in their system. If you know the best way to write from the beginning, then you will quickly build a reputation as a high quality writer, and you will then be in demand.

Want to kick start your writing career? Learn how the best freelance home writers make money, while avoiding the time consuming, costly mistakes.

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