Study in Ukraine and Poland

The VERTUM center is established with the Ministry of education under Ukrainian and Polish law for the management of admissions and studies of foreign students in Ukrainian and Polish Universities as part of its commitment to the internationalization of academic programs and activities. It registration number is 37213663. The VERTUM center provides the facility and services for the support of foreign students. The Centre comprises a small staff who network with the University's Academic Departments, Corporate and Student Services.

The Centre issues invitations for study, provides course advice for potential students, assists with the admission and enrolment of international students and provides ongoing academic, cultural, social and personal support for international students. Whether enquiries are of an educational, personal, legal, social, cultural or financial nature, VERTUM is able to assist.

The center is the focal point for international students and offers assistance on all matters relating to application, accommodation, admission, fees, immigration, arrival services, orientation and advice on visa requirements, medical insurance, and travel services. This means providing course information, processing your admission application as efficiently as possible and giving advice on living and studying in Ukraine or in Poland.
VERTUM also help provide student based on their financial status(Getting cheap and affordable universities and also helping students pay their tuition fees in two installment) follows up the progress of its students, from the issuance of invitation letters to settling down properly for studies and through academic studies.
tuition fees are ranging from $2000-$4000
fees are only paid on arrival to the university in ukraine or in poland

CONTACTS: ADDRESS: Karla Marksa 60,office 539 Dnepropetrovsk State - 49069, Ukraine. PHONE 380638992810
e-mail: [email protected]