With the pandemic, there has been an increase in the adoption of technologies especially software by businesses and individuals alike; so are the ‘bad guys’ (the hackers and others that exploit IT systems) increasing their technical know-how and hoping to have a field day, this is evidenced with the rise in the reported high-end cybercrimes of recent.

As developers, we have great responsibility to ensure our applications do not leave loopholes for cyber fraud and other IT security risks lest our business and clients be taken to the cleaners. And, as part of the maturation process of a software developer is the ability to be able to write codes that do not introduce vulnerabilities into the system.

Software security and privacy is no longer negotiable; it is now a must if we intend to stay in business and remain remarkable as developers. We can no longer wait to deal with it after the codes have been written and the software deployed, software security and privacy should be managed throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Moat Academy in partnership with CertNexus, a vendor-neutral certification body in USA will equip you with secure coding knowledge and skills required to design and develop hack-proof applications for business and organizational use with confidence and further certify you as a Cyber Secure Coder by validating your capabilities to distinguish you in the industry.

Apply on https://securecoding.moatacademy.com/ (Application closes as soon as all slots are filled or by October 10, 2020 for our next secure coding boot camp).