Moat Academy( ): A place where you are empowered to turn your ideas into software products

You have this great idea, and seeing it come to fruition seems like an herculean task!

Funny enough, the gap between what you have in your imagination (or written somewhere) and seeing it online where it is accessible to others, meeting needs is just 11 weeks!

Yes, 11 weeks spent at the Moat Academy coding boot camp can get you up to the proficiency level in software development, needed to develop your idea into an application.

Have you ever wondered how those popular applications were built by some individuals such as Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg? It’s simply because the founders possessed the knowledge/intellectual capital - this is the capital you need in this digital age to ignite your idea (even before investing any other capital). At Moat Academy, we equip our participants with this, of which many have partaken and today, are armed with the capability to develop applications; like Wisdom( an Alumnus), founder of

Please click on below links to view some past participants' projects during the boot camp:
EventPS by Toluwalakin
Zenus Cooperative by Gbolahan
Mypayview Escrow Service by Kenneth
fitaz community by Emeka
Grassroot Support by Musty
DebateNAija by Afeh

Are you thinking of an accelerated career in the software development field? Think Moat Academy!

Don’t miss your chance – Apply early on to be part of our next boot camp; starting July 16, 2019 (application closes as soon as all slots are taken or on July 09, 2019).