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    Course Benefits

    Whether you consider your career a lifelong journey toward personal fulfillment or a way of making ends meet, TreComms Courses helps you reach your career goals by defining the skills necessary to master today's technology-driven world.

    Becoming TreComms Student reaps great rewards. Many candidates have experienced greater success in their lives or careers after enrolling Web Technologies courses.

    Consider some of the benefits you can earn with TreComms Programme:

    Validate and specialize in defined job-role skills.

    Add industry-recognized credentials to your resume.

    Increase your salary and job responsibilities.

    Distinguish yourself from co-workers and earn advancement within your organization.

    Keep your skills up-to-date in the evolving technology world.

    Professional job-role courses benefit both individuals and employers. For individuals, Web Technologies Course is a gateway to career opportunities and advancement. For organizations,Web Technologies Course is a way to reduce hiring and training costs, and create a properly skilled workforce. Without these benefits, all parties waste time and money with development mistakes, misdirected skills and hiring obstacles.

    Benefits for Participants

    Job-role Web Technologies Course enhances an individual's career by demonstrating to employers one's readiness to perform the tasks required for real jobs today. Obtaining an industry-recognized Web Technologies Course validates an individual's competence in a set of job-role skills

    TreComm Web Technologies Course can:

    Validate to employers an individual's IT job skills in various disciplines and at various levels of advancement.

    Provide a baseline measurement of these job skills.

    Allow portability of these job skills within the industry.

    Provide criteria for advancement within an organization.

    Benefits for Employers

    TreComm Web Technologies Course provides job-role definition and skills standards for companies to meet recruitment needs. TreComm Web Technologies Course also provides industry-recognized objectives and standards for comprehensive educational resources.

    Courses within TreComm job-role program can:

    Help employers ensure that employees are proficient in the job skills necessary for meeting the company's needs.

    Guide companies to utilize industry-sanctioned best practices.

    Reduce training costs.

    Provide employers with standardized criteria for screening, hiring and/or advancing employees within an organization.

    Create a framework to meet workforce needs using public/private partnerships between academic institutions and employers.

    Allow companies to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and to customers and suppliers.

    Who Should Earn TreComm Web Technologies Programme?

    TreComm job-role Courses is important for all types of IT professionals, from career changers and business professionals to experienced and certified IT professionals.

    College bound high school students

    TreComm prepares high school students with the essential Web-related skills to acquire professional level internships while also earning college credit towards a postsecondary degree, such as an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree.

    Job seeking high school students

    TreComm teaches only the essential Web-related skills that can position a recent high school graduate to earn a non-exportable, high demand and high wage job. TreComm Courses demonstrates to employers that you are well qualified for a wide variety of Web-related job roles.

    Career changers

    TreComm Courses is an excellent way to enter the IT industry because vendor-neutral skill Courses address the roles and responsibilities of a specific position. TreComm focuses on industry standards, and leading hardware and software technologies. Career changers are not limited by knowledge of only one IT platform.

    Business professionals

    TreComm Course demonstrates knowledge of industry standards, best practices, and leading hardware and software technology. Taking the time to learn new IT concepts shows a commitment to keep pace with today's technology-driven economy, to better understand a customer's business, and to become more self-sufficient by better understanding the technology on which almost every professional relies.

    Who Should Attend

    Non IT professionals who is looking for foundation/Advance knowldge in Web Application Development
    IT professionals who are seeking skills upgrading in the area of web applications/services development.

    The topics covered include:

    (1) The design, development and management of web applications
    (2) Client-side application development
    (3) Server-side application development
    (4) Databases within web applications
    (5) Open source software for web applications
    (6) Server administration, performance, and tuning

    You can email us at [email protected] [email protected]

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