You can become a software developer by joining our last cohort for this year, 2021.

Alex was part of the last graduated cohort for the year 2020, he gained employment as a software developer in less than a week after the boot camp (before the year ended). Read more about his journey with us here:

At Moat Academy, we have created an environment that fosters rapid growth and high performance for our participants to become remarkable developers even without prior knowledge in software development.

Our Alumni are enjoying accelerated career in the software development field using their skills in various companies such as Interswitch group, Venture Garden groups, Access Bank, UBA Bank and so on.

Apply on and be part of our next coding boot camp starting September 20, 2021

Participants will be adequately trained to be able to handle the following responsibilities as a software developer:

Web Application Front End Development using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, building responsive website using Bootstrap classes, Javascript, Jquery and React Js


Server-Side Programming: MySQL Database modeling and handling, PHP or Python Programming using OOP and Laravel or Flask Framework respectively, AJAX along with other technologies that make development seamless.