Telegram just brought up this project in 2020, they are trying to give all poor individuals a Covid 19 reliefs through building a crypto currency program to give to families. This project is to show people that they care.
How can you become part of the project and get your reward?. You will have to go through some little activities that can take you two weeks or more to achieve a minimum withdrawal.
What are the activities? Watching videos of live testimonies, signing of contracts, rolling a dice and also telling others the good news because it is not for only you.
* How do i gain access? Just go through this link:
* Is it free? Yes, it is free
* Once you click the link, you will be ask to sign in or sign up. Select sign up and also pick google mail
* Once you have done this, it will automatically take you in to sign a contract; sign the contract and confirm all contract.
Daily activities:
1- Watch 10 videos daily
2- Roll every 1hour
3- sign contract every day
4- And refer a friend to refer a friend
5- Lottery but it is a choice. That's all.
Best of Luck.