$77 Earn So far,Catly is still available for Everyone who want to participate in the Pressley.FREE MONEY UPDATE? Pls look into this ? people are silently cashing out on this update *You can get CATLY in 2 ways**1. Free Airdrop:* All Binance users can claim 500 $CATLY for free.*Your claimed 500 CATLY airdrop will be staked automatically for you and you'll be getting 3% daily for 15 days, and you can sell the daily rewards or stake them**2. Pre-sale purchases:* You can buy more $CATLY and stake to get 3% daily for 15 days. Capital is returned to your account after 15days.Minimum Invest 1USDTMinimum withdraw 0.2USDTCARTLY CALCULATION*250CARTLY = 1UST2500CARTLY = 10USDT12500CARTLY = 50USDT25000CARTLY =100USDT$CATLY is the world's first crypto token that supports buybacks during pre-sale, allowing for easy entry and exit without long-term risks. Our buyback mechanism lets you cash out money anytime*PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY*Follow the instructions below to start making money from CATLY ?1. Quickly register here *CLICK THE BELOW LINK NOW TO SINGUP?*https://www.catly.io/mobile/#/pages/cat?rid=9523102. After you register, go to your Binance account and click deposit, select USDT then select BEP20 network and copy the USDT address 3. Go back to your CATLY account, click on *Claim,* submit your USDT BEP20 address you copied from Binance, you'll receive a deposit alert immediately4. Now go to your email to see the USDT they sent to you and copy the numbers without the zeros in front... *For example* if they sent you 0.001549 USDT, copy only 1549 and send to them, don't include the Zeros ooo please follow instructions on screenGuys If you're NOT sleeping then hurry up and do this now, they pay immediately without any delay.*PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY**CLICK THE BELOW LINK NOW TO SINGUP?*https://www.catly.io/mobile/#/pages/cat?rid=952310Guys hurry up NowCLICK THE BELOW LINK NOW TO SINGUP?https://www.catly.io/mobile/#/pages/cat?rid=952310How To Claim Free $CATLY Token - Get Free $2 For Sign Up Now!Watch the video below??https://youtu.be/J8E6XHBj5BY*Let's keep buying more catly and earn*1. 3% daily 2. 21% weekly 3. 93% MonthlyHow To Buy and Stake $CATLY https://youtu.be/tIsaKmtz8ig