Surefire Trading challenge V4 Takes Off Like A Rocket
SFTCV4 started Tuesday at 12 midnight GMT. It’s been very exciting so far. In the first 12 hours, the first trader in the leader board reached more than 100% of profit. Check it out HERE.
It’s still too early to tell. Traders are sprinting at this stage, but this is a marathon. The smart money is still on the traders that pace themselves well. The key is to remain calm and stick to the trading plan.
It’s been a good start but the question is, can these guys continue to keep up the pace over the duration of the entire round? It’s still a long way to go on the competition and that remains to be seen.
The last 10 competitions have proven that it can all change within just a few hours, so be prepared.
Meanwhile, the community is looking better than ever. It has made traders much more accessible than before and already, you can see that there is a lot more interaction.
In the past, when traders were performing well, you could see the results but didn’t know the person behind the trades. Right now, a read through the traders’ profiles gives you a clearer picture of what’s behind the percentages on the leader board, some great trading insights and introduces you to some really interesting people that share common interests.
Click HERE to get involved now! It’s not too late to take part in the competition.
Keep an eye out for the community competitions coming soon, and don’t be shy to get stuck in.
- Wesley Govender