Hello, how are you doing today? Hope everything is moving well at your side? Then Glory be to God of all creatures.
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1. Tablet Phone cost at least 100USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

2. A Comprehensive Guide for SCHOLARSHIP & TUITION-FREE ABROAD
NOTE:This cost 50USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

3. Mini importation business made simple- a "free" ground breaking material on how to import goods directly from USA and China at ridiculously cheap prices and sell for huge profit on Konga, Jumia, jiji and Olx.
NOTE:This Importation Tutorial cost at least 90USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

4. Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide.
NOTE:This Fiverr Tutorial cost at least 50USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

5. NEW..! This is a software that predicts the possible outcome of football matches, like FT, over / under, halves with most scoring goals etc. this works for club competitions alone and runs only on PCs.
NOTE: This Soccer tips software cost at least 70USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

6. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Professional
NOTE: This Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual cost at least 20USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

7. Professional way to setup and manage a Beauty/Makeup studio.
NOTE: This cost at least 500USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

8. VR BOX 2 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Remote
NOTE: This VR BOX 2 cost at least 25USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

9. Binary made simple tutorial
NOTE: The complete guide cost at least 100USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

10. The complete guide to naturally lighter skin. How to whiten skin naturally & fast at home, the best ways to get the whiter skin By Dr Shah and Laura Jefferson.
NOTE: The complete guide cost at least 27USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

11. Trending Pasjel Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Cream
NOTE: The PASJEL STRETCH MARK CREAM cost at least 50USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

12. 30 profitable business you can start in Nigeria with LOW/NO capital.
NOTE: This cost at least 50USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

13. Video Tutorial on how to design and develop Personal,Business and BulkSMS WEBSITE using JOOMLA
NOTE: This cost at least 200USD, You will get it FREE as a member.

14. Do you have a business or want to establish one? Consider registering your business name today with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. You can register your business name in Nigeria
NOTE:This BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATION at least N50, 000, You will get it N20, 000 as a member.

15. A professional website for your Business/Company with the Android Mobile App plus FREE submission to Google Play Store.
NOTE: This cost at least 500USD, You will get it 45USD as a member.

Yes! you will definitely get all these i mentioned for FREE as a member, but it gets to some certain level before you can be rewarded any of these packages. You will be rewarded by level till you get to the level where you will be rewarded of #100,000 weekly.


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God bless us! God bless Nigeria.