Industry: Sales and Marketing Consulting

Take part in vigorous training in order to develop exceptional merchandising skills
Marketing Survey for Consumer Electronics and IT Products
Market Research and leads generation for Home Appliances
Customer Acquisition and up-selling
Retail outlet support services, training and professional guidance
Building loyalty programmes and relationship Management
Helping showrooms to perfect display, generate and increase sales etc.

Location: Applicants are strongly adviced to apply for cities or town that they are currently resident in and must demonstrate good knowledge of the environment, market and people / population

Position Level: Management Trainee/Merchandiser

Position Type: Fixed Term

Salary: Competitively Based on qualification, skills, learning abilities and leadership abilities

Our Profile

Rosk and Chene Consultants Limited is a cutting edge human capital development, employment and product expansion outfit with multi-generational experience in human resources management, marketing research and product expansion strategies.

Key Aspects of the role are:

• Engages in regular, day-to-day interface with retail shop owners, floor sales personnel, show room attendants etc with the object of ensuring that our clients’ products are on display and adequately promoted
• Provide sales generation strategies, counsels and guidance to retail shop owners, sales outlet and distributors of electronics and IT related products in selected cities and towns of your deployment
• .Provide showroom personnel with adequate product knowledge and efficient customer relations management practice
• Establish a functional administrative system of regular reporting and proactive competitive intelligence system
• Provide measurable expansion programme in state of deployment in terms of retail shop sales’ expansion, customers’ satisfaction and profitability

Qualification / Profile

? University Degree or HND in any discipline
? Minimum of three (3) years pre or post NYSC experience in sales and marketing of electronics ( Television, Home Theatres, musical appliances, Refrigerators, Air-conditioners etc) and IT ( Laptops, computers, printers, multi-media equipment etc) products
? Good knowledge of market research, product survey and product expansion strategies
? Good and adequate knowledge of local market environment and of state or cities / towns to which application is made
? Applicants must be expressive, bold, friendly, willing to travel, knack for knowledge and must have good personality

Application format:
All applications must reflect the state or cities / town where they are willing to work (Example: Management Trainee/Merchandiser (CALABAR). Only those who meet the aforementioned requirements will be invited.

Kindly note that selection interview will be held in Lagos.


Send application via email to: [email protected]
Application must come in word format and send as an attachment file (Please do not send scanned copies)
Application must contain a brief cover letter detailing experiences and qualities of applicant

Please state the position and location that you are applying for in the subject bar

Closing Date: 4th January 2010

E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you.