Jigsimur is a Therapeutic Blend and a Traditional African Medicine(TAM).

Jigsimur is a blend of carefully selected potent herbs and roots that have been scientifically proven to prevent and cure common ailments and stubborn diseases.

Jigsimur contains antioxidant , phyto-nutrient and anti aging elements that make it very ideal for both the young and the old.

Jigsimur has no any side effects as all the blends are 100% herbs and roots.

Jigsimur is brewed from the sap found in the *Aloe Ferox* plant which is *grown in the Western Cape of South Africa. The calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc in Aloe Ferox* is much higher than in Aloe Vera.

The founder/inventor of this life saving blend is *Dr Jonathan Smith* was diagnosed of *Cancer* in the year 1998, he was seeking a natural solution after all conventional drugs and medication were not helpful, his research result is *JIGSIMUR* and in eleven (11) months after he placed himself on the Jigsimur therapy, *he was cancer free.*

He launched into full commercial operation in S.A in 2000.

*Nigeria* is the second nation after SA *to have a taste of JIGSIMUR*

*Ghana has joined*

We are already moving to other African nations from here.

*Let me congratulate every early birds. Your life is about to experience perfect health and financial explosion at the same time.*

The use of Jigsimur improves your overall health and immune system and is
*used for the treatment of*:








*Gall and Kidney stones,*

*Throat infections,*

*Heart burn Colic,*

*Stomach ulcers,*

*Hepatitis B*,

*Bladder infections,*







*Conjunctivitis* and many other minor and chronic ailments.

*We are already* *domesticating these claims here in Nigeria with great testimonies pouring in from those placed on a therapy of this product*

The product has been used in South Africa for the treatment of *HIV/Aids*

SA accounts for the highest number of HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa

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