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Topic: SRD Update.

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    SRD Update.

    Hello.I heard from 2 guys dat their friends have been contacted by Shell regardin d ongoing SRD dat they were not successful.I thought they said they were going to start contacting at d end of the entire exercise.Or is it dat they're contacting unsuccessful candidates immediately?Pls I need house members 2 make relevant & informed response.

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    Re: SRD Update.

    No info at all, but pls lets develop and mentain this thread. Wish all hot jobers the best

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    Re: SRD Update.

    Hello guyz let's try and keep all info about specific recruitment to single threads...... If i haven't lost count already, i reckon this SRD thing has spilled over into at least 4 threads...........

    About the reply from shell ..... I heard the same thing........I also heard that some people who came from abroad have been contacted for medicals....... I suggest we all keep waiting and praying....

    I suggest we keep all discussions on SRD on this thread http://www.naijahotjobs.com/index.ph...c,37714.0.html
    so dat all our info will reside in one place. Its easier to follow dat way..

    1 luv

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