This is how you people who are ready to start making money online with your Payza (alertpay) and Perfect Money account and also to your Nigerian local bank account E.g GTB, FBN, Keystone Bank, UBA etc.

Which work or service are we going to be doing or rendering? yes,you will do little work it is called Paid to Post. This is a guaranteed means of earning money online without having a website and you can do it with your phone!!!

I will give you four best and high-paying tested websites where you get paid to post! like the way you post on facebook and other websites, no more wasting time do it and be paid!

These websites pay between 0.05 cents to 0.15 cents per post. Do not be deceived by the cents, let me explain If you spend 2 to 4 hours everyday, this is what you will make below.

First website pays 0.15 cents per every post, post 50 posts daily that is easy $7.5 dollars. You will be paid through Perfect Money and Payza (Alertpay).

Second website pays 0.05 cents per post and if you can post 50 posts daily, that is $2.5, this also pays to Perfect Money and Payza (Alertpay).

Third site pays 0.05cents daily and with 50 posts per day that is a cool $2.5 daily.

forth site the same too.

Total money you make at least per day is $12.5 exchanging it to Naira at N160 for $1 that is a cool N2000 daily. And you are spending just 2 hours to 4 hours to get this.

If you want to get the websites and the details of how to withdraw this money to your local bank pay N3,000 and you will make your money back same day. No Story.


After payment send 'POST CASH', your teller number, your email address & your name to 08066443671

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