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Topic: Cypto account management and advice for you not to loose more of your crypto asset

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    Cypto account management and advice for you not to loose more of your crypto asset

    Buying and selling of crypto is more than just to buy and keep and sell when it rises,many times many haven been caught by loosing most of their crypto asset by its prices dropping so fast and their crypto assets that worth 1000usd drastically reduced to 400usd within short period of time.Many times you will see people loosing out when sellers come into market and drag the price of BTC down ,all other coins tend to loose value as well and people will start to cry and wait till the price moves up which may not come on time forcing alot of people to sell their crypto at loss.My fellow Nigerians trading crypto is more than what you can think of.Let me quickly explain,you will notice that when BTC moves up in price most of the coins also increase in value and when the price also decrease in price most of the coin also loose their value,meaning that BTC majorly drag the price of other coins,so lets now go down to what really moves the BTC price up and down.In trading there is what we call FOOTPRINT ORDER FLOW ,this FOOTPRINT is the raw that shows real market participants that are in market to buy or to sell at critical levels either at support or resistance.So in this foot print we have these three basic things that move the price,
    1 Delta and delta means the difference between sellers and buyers,
    2 Volume this volume is not ordinary volume you see on binance or on tradeview as indicator but real numbers of participants come in to the markert to transact either to sell or to buy,volume is one of the main key that footprint data shows
    3.Is the price movement either to up and down

    So if buyers step in the market you will have positive delta with higher volume and price moves in the up direction at critical level called formal support honestly the price will move up like wise the vice versa.

    But before all these 3 things i mentioned above happened there is a process called Exhaustion,Absorption and also key Auction reversal at formal resistance.

    Exhaustion: When less buyers are willing to buy at new highs or when less sellers are willing to sell at new lows, represented by delta.

    Absorption: When aggressive buyers are unable to take price to new highs or when aggressive sellers are unable to take price to new lows. The aggressive buying or selling pressure is being “Absorbed”.

    NOTE > This must happened at formal support or resistance

    if any one of these processes happened and come to an end then what follows is 1 Higher volume with 2 positive delta and 3 price move in up direction and if is sellers step in you will see 1 Highers volume 2 negative delta 3 price moves down.

    See the example of FOOTPRINT ORDER FLOW in the attachment,you can see that when there is higher participants called volume price went up ,look at that my plus sign you will see 211Million participants and 13Milliion positive delta and price moved up from 37200usd to 39200usd

    We cant explain all here you can contact us on whatshapp or call for more as we also do crypto account management for better output result and also we tutor on 0-9-1 3 4 0 1 3 0 8 O
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