Smart Number is a service offered by GuageConcepts that enables personal branding on phone numbers. It's a personalized telephone number provided to individuals or businesses to enable them attach their identity to contact numbers used in reaching them. These are provided on the access code 0700 and 0800.

Because they say show me is more powerful than tell me, here's how Smart Numbers look like; 0700YourBusinessName, 07003000000, 08002000000, 0800EbolaAlert etc.

0800 are toll-free while 0700 are non toll-free smart numbers.

Example of a Smartnumber: 07003000000
Example of a Vanity Number: 0800EbolaAlert

We Offer Two Brand Of Smart Numbers

0700 Non Toll-Free Service

Smart Number service provides personal identity to any business or customer who has subscribed to it. It is the ultimate incorporate branding.

Smart Number is a telephone number where the letters associated with the number's digits on the telephone spell a name or word of value to the subscriber.It can spell your company name, personal initials, product name, services your company provides or a special acronym that you select.

0800 Toll-Free Service

0800 number is a cross network internationally recognized toll free number that cut across all operators. This is service whereby the subscribers bear the cost of the calls made to 0800 numbers so that their callers do not need to pay for the calls made to such organizations. It is expected to encourage more callers to the company which should translate to more profitability. The service is ideal for customer service oriented businesses or call center operations.

Once a Smart Number is assigned to a particular subscriber, it becomes unavailable. Moreover, more than one entity share a particular translating digit For example 0700 CALL CAB with translating digit of (0700 2255 222) and 0700 CALL ACCESS (0700 2255 222), 0700 CALL TAYO (0700 2255 829) and 0700 CALL TAXI (0700 2255 829). Once the number is taken, it is no longer available for another prospective subscriber with the same translating digits.

Prospective subscribers should do well to obtain the Smart Number whose digits translate to their Company names, products, services or even acronyms synonymous with their brands.

Benefits Of 0800 Toll Free Number

-Encourage more people to call
-Indicates strength and stability that the provider or the subscriber of the toll free services has the capacity to carry his business and that of those that do business with him.
-It is a means of business development
-Easily provides source of feedback from customers
-Means of brand integrity/loyalty
-Toll-free number translates into an increase in business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.

Our smart numbers service is connected to all the network provider in Nigeria. It can also receive calls from international network. We have made setup cheap, easy and works seamlessly with your existing phone number regardless of which network you are using. You don't need to load a recharge card to our smart number.

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