Rusrell International Company Limited is a company that is helping people around the world to get financial income through cryptocurrencies and Haulage business. We are professionals in carrying out these two major businesses and all our clients are well assured to get stable income with utmost reliability and trust with as you partner with us.
How we carry out our services;
As we all know that many scams full everywhere,R.I.C.L has come to transact in a transparency way as you watch your money grow on your personal binance trading account,what we do is just to place trade by buying profitable coins on your behalf and after a profitable trades in a month,all profit will be withdrawn to your account and you will give us 40% out of the profit while you take 60%,then your capital will remain in your trading account.
Crypto currencies Business Income:
Cryptocurrencies trading is profitable business but many people have don’t know how to trade it that is why R.I.C.L is here to place trade on your behalf to get more money by profiting from the world of crypto through our professionalism.
1.Any interested person will download binance app to monitor his/her trading account
2.You will register with all your details i.e name,sex etc and you will set security OTP to secure your account as only you can make withdrawal,even we cant have access to withdrawal,we can only place trade on your behalf.
3.Deposit any amount you wish to trade to your binance account and give us username and password to manage your trading account only. Minimum amount(N100,000)
4.After many successful trades you will withdrawal the profit to your bank account and you will send our own profit of 40% while you take 60%,while your capital remain.

Transportation Business income(HAULAUGE):Haulauge business is highly profitable business that has come to stay in Nigeria .You can partner with us in two ways .
1 Single ownership : You will be the only one to buy the truck and it will registered with only your name. All the profit will be paid to your account base on trip per month.
2.Shareholder ownership:
If your money cant afford you to buy the whole truck or trailer,you can partner with us with little ,you will contribute together with 1 or maximum of 4 people to get a truck and ,all of the shareholder name will be on the truck.The profit will be paid based on individual contribution monthly also based on trip each month.
1 COST OF DOUBLE AXLE TRUCK 10 TYRES N8,100,000,TRAILER BACK N2,000,000 profit margin N900,000 or more base on trip
2 COST OF DOUBLE AXLE TRUCK 10 TYRES N7,100,000,TIPPING BACK N2,000,000 profit margin N950,000 or more base on trip
3.COST OF SIX TYRES N7,100,000 profit margin N600,000 or more base on trip
4.COST OF TIPPER N9,100,000, profit margin N760,000 or more base on trip
--- You can partner with us by bringing your trucks for us to manage for you all necessary documents will be registered in your name and you will get your profit every 30 days,base on trip.(Sole ownership)
--- You can partner with us by making payment to us to buy the truck for you and it will be managed by us and all necessary documents will be registered in your name and you get your profit every 30 days ,base on trip.(Sole ownership)
NOTE:You can buy trucks as many possible and all trucks will be insured through us by reputable insurance Nigeria