A new Facebook has emerged but now with great and more exciting features.
This is a new social media site launched 3 months ago, it has the same feature as Facebook but with more and interesting features. No boring articles, tedious work, or stringent requirements. All that you need to do here is be natural and have fun.

If you can upload photos, share posts, create and share video, status update, like post and be a fan you will earn $50 daily


They want you to help them to be popular and grow in a year.
If for real that you can do any of the below

If you have 20 minutes per day?

If you have interesting photos to upload?

Can you copy and articles?

Can you create and share videos?

Can you like, be a fan just as you have been on Facebook,

create pages and groups then you are on your way to banking at least $1,500 every single month.

Yes you heard it right, if you can upload photos, share post, create and share video, status update ,like post, be a fan and promote ad, then you are qualified to bank $50 daily and $1,500 monthly.
Make money doing something you enjoy doing, Work at your own pace and get paid when you want to get paid

Listen: the earning means are as simple as using the almighty Facebook that we all know.

Of every post you share you earn $2 to $10 depending on the qualities and originality of your post"s contents.

If you upload photos you earn $3 to $12 depending on how they evaluate the pictures.
for me I like creating and uploading funny photos.

If you create and upload videos you earn $5 to $15 depending on the quality and how interesting the videos are.

If you like a post and become someone's fan you earn $0.5 to $3 depending on whom you are following.
What a simple way of earning money and believe me you can make $50 daily depending on your time and the qualities plus originality of your contents.

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