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Topic: $25 Sign Up Bonus. $10 Referal Bonus. Sign Up Here it is FREE

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    $25 Sign Up Bonus. $10 Referal Bonus. Sign Up Here it is FREE

    Sign Up Here: http://myjobearning.com/?invite=1784
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    Re: $25 Sign Up Bonus. $10 Referal Bonus. Sign Up Here it is FREE

    GoldWise Nigeria (R. C. 6291 is an investment
    platform that appeals to all members of the
    society. GoldWise Nigeria investment diversifying
    portfolios ranges from the Transport sector, Oil
    and Gas sector, Health sector, Foreign and
    International Stocks Trading, Telecommunication
    businesses e. t. c.


    GOLDWISE START: plan is for the undergraduates,
    house wives, students, unemployed and corpers
    looking for a sustainable income that would keep
    them going and make them available with Cash -
    at - hand.
    Investment Deposit:
    We have the:
    Minimum: N10,000.00
    Maximum: N75,000.00
    Duration: 30 working days excluding weekends
    and public holidays.
    Percentage Returns: 200%
    e. g. If a GoldWise Start Investor deposits
    N10,000. 00, at the end of the duration stated
    above, he/she receives N20,000. 00 into his
    payment method of his own choice (either
    through western union or savings
    bank account)

    GOLDWISE EMPOWER: plan is for workers looking
    forward to earning extra income, graduates
    looking forward to increase/raise up their capital
    for their businesses and growing companies that
    needs more funds to expand their base and
    working team.
    Investment Deposit:
    Minimum: N100,000. 00
    Maximum: N875,000. 00
    Duration: 40 working days including weekends
    and excluding public holidays.
    Percentage Returns: 200%

    GOLDWISE EXPAND: market is for independent
    individuals, big and expanding companies finding
    a way to diversify their funds to create
    sustainable income available for its management
    and marketing teams thereby creating more
    opportunities for the public sector. This is for
    individuals looking forward to earning extra
    passive income for their funds hence not keeping
    their money in the banks or micro finance
    institutions enabling their funds work for them in
    the long run.
    Investment Deposit:
    Minimum: N1,000,000. 00
    Maximum: N6,750,000. 00
    Duration: 60 working days including weekends
    and public holidays.
    Percentage Returns; 225%

    GOLDWISE AUTHORITY: scheme is for the retired
    men, politicians, top society men, ever-green
    successful companies that are looking forward
    earning passive income and generating income
    capital that works for their business and helps
    them create more opportunities.
    Investment Deposit:
    Minimum: N10,000,000. 00
    Maximum: Unlimited
    Duration: 60 working days excluding weekends
    and public holidays.
    Percentage Returns; 250%

    GOLDWISE MARKET: plan is for people that do
    not have money to invest but have individual
    prospective clients or companies to introduce and
    can invest. All GoldWise Clients are automatically
    members of GoldWise Market.
    When you introduce a prospective client to us and
    he invests, you are entitled to earning 22. 5% of
    the client's total R. O. I. while the investor clients
    receives 77. 5% of his total returns but it is
    applicable to only one time being an investor
    thereby to earn more, you market and introducer
    more to us. The next time the client invests, the
    GoldWise Marketer cannot receive any returns
    from the clients funds. It can be done PT or FT.
    The choice is up to you.

    If you have any specific questions/inquiries, you
    can call/sms/whatsapp us (also send e-mail)
    and let us know.

    NOTE: If you want to be our private investor, you
    will have to follow and answer certain criteria

    We do not allow any John and Janet to be a part
    of our investment company like before hence we
    separate the serious investors
    from the passive investors.

    You can call us for details at: 08146481938

    GoldWise Nigeria (R. C. 6291
    [email protected]
    Contact us at these Duration Periods Please to
    ensure maximum effectiveness:
    Mon - Fri 8 a. m. - 8 p. m.
    Saturday 9 a. m. - 5 p. m.
    Any period of contact after these periods would
    not be answered except via mail.

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