The idea of buying your products online and have them delivered at your doorstep is what makes ecommerce appealing to most Nigerians.

There are hundreds of ecommerce websites in Nigeria. However, the following features are what set the big fish apart from the fry;

Size of online inventory,
customer size
Sales recorded and
Quality of service
User Trust
This is why it is not surprising that the top 10 ecommerce websites in Nigeria control more than 95% of the market share in the country while leaving the crumbs for the less popular ones.

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Therefore, let’s take a look at some of these top 10 ecommerce websites in Nigeria based on some of the features outlined above;

1. Jumia
Jumia Nigeria was established in May 2012.


Konga was founded in 2012 by Sim Shagaya and has grown to one of the best online shopping stores in the country.

3. offers 100% preferential treatment to customers by making sure that everything from placing your order to delivering it right to your doorstep is free.

It is the only ecommerce store in Nigeria to stock industrial grade generators.

4. Dealdey
Dealdey was established in March 2011.

It is on our list of top 10 ecommerce websites in Nigeria because of the crazy deals you can find (up to 90% discount on products and services).

5. Kaymu
Kaymu was launched in 2012 by Africa internet group.

6. DressMeOutlet
DressMeOutlet is a Nigerian eCommerce shop that focuses on fashion, health and beauty products. It is a niche-based online store

7. Wakanow was established in 2008.

8. Traclist
This is another fashion ecommerce site in Nigeria. Traclist offers top fashion products such as shoes and accessories.

9. Mall for Africa is one of the leading online procurement sites in Africa. They really don’t sell anything themselves. And It’s an app. Their focus is to assist Africans based in Africa procure their most preferred products from the best malls around the world and get them delivered at their homes irrespective of their countries of residence.

10. Adibba is a well-structured popular online store where you can get most of your desired products and services.