Deciding how, where and when to put up an advertisement considering your resources is an onerous task facing an entrepreneur.
With the advent of Facebook, the task has become easier. Once you are lucky to get the services of a good ADVERT ACCOUNT.

MANAGER to run your advert, you can just go to sleep while your Ads is run to the world!

Some of the advantages of running a Facebook Ads include:

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1. You can spend as little as N6,500 and get exposure nationally and internationally for 1 week!

2. The Targeting options for Facebook Ads are exceptionally awesome.

3. Absolutely good and even better for those running age-related advert. E.g. 18 years to 65 years targeting.

4. Facebook has a Audience which will include your customers (1.25 Billion people use Facebook every day!). Imagine

the Eyeballs on your Ads!

5. Finally, you will gain a competitive edge over your competitors.
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Setting up and managing Facebook Ads takes time and requires experienced Advert Manager. These Managers are here with us and

are ready to work for you.

Are you Ready for your Facebook Ads to come online through us?

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