Being that there are over 92 million Nigerians who use the internet daily, every business owner is scrambling for the best places to advertise on the internet.

And I’m sure you are too. If not, you will not be reading this article.

The efficiency of online advertisement is not something to argue about because online ads have proven to be one of the most effective ways of marketing at a very low cost compared to other advertisement strategies.

However, many business owners in Nigeria still find it difficult to to find ideal places to advertise on the internet.

In order to address this lack of such information on the part of business owners, here are the 5 best places to advertise on the internet to boost your business.

1. Text/Banner Ads on Other People’s Websites
This can be a daunting task if you decide to do it manually. Going to each webmaster one after the other will be nearly impossible.

But, surely there is way to have your website banner and text adverts appear in 100s of websites all over the internet. This is through the use of Google Display Network.

2. Advertise on Popular Blogs and websites
People always like reading interesting articles, entertainment, gossip etc on blogs. And the owners of these online platforms command a following or readership.

Below are a few blogs and forums with large following in Nigeria that are worth mentioning.

– Gets 220 million pageviews monthly

Naijaloaded – Records 130 million pageviews monthly.

Tooxclusive and Linda Ikeji’s blog also get some serious millions of visitors daily. So you should consider them.

3. Online Newspapers
All Newspapers now have online presence, so you can read up news on their site. These newspapers have ads spaces like the hard copy, so all you need is request for a space. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for their text adverts which appear at the bottom of every news article on the website.

4. Social Media
Social media platforms are some of best places to advertise on the internet. However the type of products and services you offer will determine the platform you will use.

However, advertising on social media, you must ensure that you choose the right platform to advertise on. E.g. if you offer a B2B (i.e. you sell to other businesses instead of individuals) product or service, a social platform like LinkedIn will be a better choice than Facebook or twitter.

5. Classified Ad Listing Sites and eCommerce Platforms
Online stores such as Jumia and Konga are good platforms to advertise your products. You simply become one of their partners and they will put up your products to be seen by thousands of people who use their website. And it is free.

Now over to you

What are the best places to advertise on the internet for Nigerian Businesses?