Mmm is a program where participants provide financial help to one another and in the process watch their investment grow. What's attractive is that MMM rewards participants with bonuses for registration as well as pay 30% monthly on the financial help they were able to give another participant.

MMM is simply a group of people who are motivated to give financial help to one another through a simple process of Registration, Asking to give help, Giving help, Asking to receive help and Getting the help you asked for. There are a lot of incentives to make people enroll for MMM. Interestingly, the moment you register and offer to Give Help, you are immediately rewarded with a registration bonus that ranges from $20(above 15k) , $50 (above 150k) to $100 (above 150k) depending on how much help you offered to give.

Furthermore, immediately you offer to give the help your money starts growing at the rate of 30% per month. This means that giving help of N10,000 will qualify you to receive N13,000 from another participant after thirty days. In sixty days, your N10,000 help would be worth N16,900 and it gets better because the longer you leave your money in the system, the higher the help you can receive from another participant. N10,000 will be worth N48,300 in six months and N233,000 in twelve months.

Like in whatever has to do with money, I did some research to find out how safe MMM is and I realized that all necessary checks were put in place by the company to make participant's money safe. For instance, there is no central purse in which MMM funds are deposited. All payments are made individual to individual through their banks. So it is not possible that any one person could have access to all participants funds for embezzlement.

Another safeguard is that before a participant gets help from a community member, they must as a matter of policy have first given help. This help is calculated in mavros and grows as explained earlier, so in essence, the payment a participant gets is their money plus the growth of their 'investment' or Help Given.


Registration is absolutely free.....http://nigeria-/[email protected] My email add ([email protected]) or whatsapp me on 07038323608 for clarifications.