THE PROVIDENT GROUP is a well known intellectual and development outfits , business development and marketing. The service of young and vibrant graduates are needed to serve as ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGERS
An assistant marketing manager’s main job is to support the marketing manager by performing a plethora of tasked assigned to him/her. The assistant helps with advertising of products, negotiating with companies
works hand in hand with his manager, as well as the upper management of the company.
Help in the compilation of products by making a database for it and assist the upper management by directing the employees to apply and follow the new and up-to-date marketing strategies they have come up with
Create a design/layout to put in their ads. This includes creating a storyboard for commercials and the like
Conduct training as well as produce training materials, presentations and handouts.
Education and Training Requirements
potential assistant marketing managers must have at least a H.N.D. in marketing, sales, business management or communications.
Knowledge and Skills Requirements
To be successful in this field, one must be results-oriented, organized and be a good leader. He/she must have excellent written and oral skills. Literacy in computers, the internet. They should also possess excellent interpersonal skills, customer service skills, negotiation skills, verbal and written communication skills, marketing skills and leadership skill.
Qualified candidates for the aboved requirements should forward their comprehensive cvs to [email protected] or [email protected] not later than a month of publication.

SYSTEM QUADRANTS is leading information technology, our business approach is based on creating organization with flexible business solutions. Due to the widespread
of the organization,we are in need of graduates to fill the available vacant position in Lagos

The assistant operations manager’s main task is to assist the operations manager in creating the employees work schedules and assigning their daily tasks.
The assistant operations manager interviews potential employees before directing them to the manager.
He/she may be responsible for helping the manager train the new hires, and assisting in their getting accustomed to their new job.
He/she also helps in the decision-making when it comes to the activities done in the office, such as production, the resale and the allocation of sources. Under the manager’s supervision, the assistant operations manager coordinates with the different departments in their organization
Education and Training Requirements
An assistant operations manager must possess a high school diploma, business administration and other management-related fields.
Knowledge and Skills Requirements
To become a successful assistant operations manager, one must be able to take directions and follow them accordingly. He must be a team player who has the potential to lead the team. An assistant operations manager must have good communication skills, organizational skills, leadership and interpersonal skills, advanced computer skills and analytical skills. He/she should be driven and goal-oriented.
Qualified candidates should send cv to [email protected] not later than a month of publication