Geoken Technical Services: is a involve in geotechnical study, Water drilling, material and soil
Investigation, Piling and Foundation Engineering. We undergo training for participant seeking
An in-depth knowledge in the following Geotechnical/Geophysical areas:
1. Geotechnics: (Soil Testing/investigation)- Using the following soil test procedure as a case
Study. 1. Sieve Analysis
2. CPT (Cone penetration Test), SPT (Standard penetration test)
3. Triaxial testing
4. Bearing Capacity Test.
5. Borehole drilling and Geophysical survey.
2. Foundation Engineering: A. Pile integration testing and Pile construction
B. Pile Load Test( Participate will be expose to pile testing and design)
3. Geophysical/ Reservoir Analysis: (Petrel software application) for reservoir characterization and Estimation.
4. Resistivity Survey Training: ( Data Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation) using Resistivity
Survey software ( WinRESIST, IPIN2WIN).

WHO TO ATTEND: Geologist, geophysicist, Civil, Petroleum/reservoir Engineer, NYSC, and Students,
Geotechnical survey Engineers, Engineers, Hydrographers, Surveyors, IT students
Email: [email protected]
08060360538, 08028553955
Contact: 26, Ikotun Road, Beside Diamond Bank, Suite, 15, Kazam Plaza,
College Bustop, Ikotun, Lagos.
Or, 8, Omotayo Bello Street, Thomas,Ajah, Lagos.