TULLOW Oil And Gas Plc

UNITED KINGDOM is interested to employee individuals who excel in their area of
expertise, take personal development and improvement
seriously, to come and
work with us here in United kingdom .


1) Electrical Engineering
2)Electronics Engineering
3)District Manager
4)Project Manager
5)Account Manager
6)Financial Manager
7) Wadding Engineering
Production Engineering
9) Admin. Officer
10) Computer Engineering
11) Designing
12) Software Engineering
13) Network Engineering
14) Web Designer
15) Quality Assurance engineering
16) Customer Relations Manager
17) Safety Lead Engineer
1 Site Manager
19) Laborer
21) Wiring Technician
22) Inventory
23) Business Development Manager
24)Drilling Coordinator

i. Your resume MUST be on MS-Word format.
ii. All information provided on the resume must be accurate

Note: Answer the above questions and also attached a copy of your updated
CV/Resume, so that we can make the final examination and send you an
employment letter if you are found qualified,as to enable you to
preview,accept or decline.
Note only the successful candidate will be given a Notification of
appointment via email attachment.

Email: [email protected]

Best Regards
Mr. Francis micheal
TULLOW Oil And Gas Plc
Email: [email protected]