Good evening everyone. My name is dabira and am a partner with helping hands. Before i start i want to appreciate the great boss minister demola for this beautiful platform he gave me to share my success story. I hope someone out there reading this today will get motivated to make it to the top

for those who don't know me,this my picture. Am a regular young girl like every other lady you see on the street. But this time with a serious drive to make it to the top in life

i joined h2i on the 27th of april 2015. My why of joining h2i was the car and the to be sincere.have always had this childhood dreams of becoming a millionaire before 30.i.dint know how i was going to achieve that but i knew it's doable.i dabbled into modelling way back in school,but my parent weren't comfortable with it..i stopped immediately after knew that modelling wasn't the way to.make my childhood dream come through

now let me fast forward to last year. I had this lady on my bbm list,who keeps sending messages broadcast to me about helping hands.she was consistent about it.she sends everyday without skipping a day i chatted her up to please stop sending to me.not knowing i looked for her trouble. After then she still continued. So there was this beautiful afternoon i saw the her broadcast asking us to look at her dp

i did and saw a brand new elantra. I was tripped and i asked her how i can get the car,she said i should donate to become a partner and the car can be mine one day

i donated with hopes on my sisters because they are extroverts and have lots of friends unlike me that's very reserved.but my sisters busted my bubbles warning me to stay away from all their friends so that nobody will hold them if my 419 business crash

finally my hope was dashed. Because i know i don't talk and don't know people that i could talk to.i became very reluctant and almost a dormant partner i looked at my regular office schedule that's very tight. I work mondays to saturday and even some sundays am saying this because there are people out there who says they can't do h2i because they are very busy at work,while some say they can't do it because they are introverts.draw motivation from my story today and rewrite your own story

now i called my upline and complained about the various messages am getting from the group and called them distractions. But she told me to always read in between the lines that i need the group messages to grow.and yes that actually of those days i was reading through the group chat and noticed a new minister just emerged from ibadan,a young undergraduate by name dabest. I read his success story on how he leveraged on using his social media platform which is .i told myself that i don't know how to use ,but the one i know which is facebook became my 100%prospecting tool since i don't have friends and don't know people

i faced facebook like it's a do or die thing i will say is that look for that thing that works for you and embrace it till you get results .for me,offline marketing doesn't work because am an introvert it works for me now because i have results to. Show for it so i don't get to talk much. Make sure you discover what works for you so you don't keep getting lots of no s. If not it gets you discouraged. So learn to discover when you are making mistakes in your choice of prospects

i told myself that instead of posting my personal pictures on facebook that's not turning to money for me,why can't i turn it to a money making i dedicated 6hours daily to facebook prospecting. Please note i still do it till date. And the 6hours is not at a goal. 2hrs morning afternoon and nite. That means waking up well,sleeping late and lots of things. Every success story has days of little beginning. But one thing is for sure,when you are focused,one day your results will come and it will announce you to the world.i got my first downline olumide from facebook after paying facebook to boost my page which cost me about 10k then.its cheap now like 1.700 naira. I felt bad because i expected lots of people to sign up after the advert. But just one person did.and he became my team don't get discouraged,one person can change the story of you over stayed matrix. I call such people matrix change gers

i got moral to prospect more after then,and today finally.those days of sleepless nite prospecting has paid.i remember those days when i was the only one that was active in my team .i had lots of sleeping downlines. I.motivated them and did all i can to make them active,but they just dint wake up
and i also dint give up.i kept recruiting until i found team members that made the job easier for have taken over most of those accounts because i noticed those people dint join because they had same vision but they joined because i begged them to

dear partners please don't beg people to join your team.sell the business to them let them see it as a business opportunity with mutual you don't recruit people that will make the journey more tiring

after all have been through, i will say consistency, and team spirit makes the work easier. Don't give up at any point there's light at the end of the tunnel

thank you all for your time,remember everyone you meet on the road is 8$and don't miss that.

Those into offline prospecting,please don't forget to look good always because you can't sell a muti million naira dream looking like a nightmare. You can't tell people to come earn dollars when you don't look like you have seen one.i make sure i slay in every of my outings/seminars now

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