The Global Travel & Tours Limited in conjunction with Klemolyn Ventures are specialists in the procurement of work & Live visa's that comes with accommodation and other benefits. We get the visa's along with the employment letters to our prospective clients within a week or more depend on the country.There is no part payment required until your visa is out before you can make your full payment.

Urgent vacancies exist only for Hairstylist,Waiter/Waitress,Barmen,Nurses,drivers,Office workers and securitymen/women in Dubai, Qatar, Mexico, Cyprus,South Africa,Poland, Malaysia,America,Canada,Ukraine, Spain,Japan, UK, Vietnam,Turkey, France,Australia,Jordan,Kuwait, etc.

Also Business, Student,Tourist and Residential Visa's. Contact us on 08170001231 or [email protected] for more details as you will be directed to our Lagos offices for immediate application of your visas.
A consultation agreement non refundable fee of #20,000(Twenty Thousand Naira Only)is required while coming to the office with your valid international passport and four passport photograph.

We can also arrange you an invitation letter for these countries:

• U. S. A Seminar Invitation letter – $500 – duration – 3 days

• South African Invitation Letter – $250– duration – 3 days.

• China/Malaysia/Singapore/Invitation letter – $300 – 4 days

• Foreigners who wants to visit Nigeria/invitation letter full time
payment of Two Hundred dollars ($400) 2 weeks

Call Mr.Clem on 08170001231 or Email: [email protected] as we awaits your call. Please don't flash and no sms.