AUTOCAD (2D/3D): This software is suitable for drafting and modeling. Is the basic Engineering software, which all beginners in field of Engineering and science need to get acquitted to.
Course Module
· Basic 2 Dimensional drawing( working on x,y coordinates)
· Getting familiarize with 2 Dimensional tool bars and its application in design
· Applying 2 Dimensional toolbars in machine, civil and Electrical drawing
· Dimensioning of drawings ( Dimensional style settings)
· 2 Dimensional Isometric Drawing (x, y, z axis)
· Dimensioning and editing isometric drawings
· 3 Dimensional Drawing ( Working with 3D Tools bar) – Extrude, Subtract,
· Modeling, Solid Editing, View, Visual style
· Modeling of solid objects.
· Axis System (Piping Isometric):
· Identification of Equipment and Primitives ( Equipment and Primitives orientation)
· Creating of Equipments (Tanks, Reboiler, Heat exchanger, Column, Pumps)
· Modifying Equipment( Orientate, offset, move)
· Setting Attributes ( Height, Diameter, Position, orientation)
Piping in PDMS: Basic Concepts
* Piping Specification: Setting the appropriate specification
* Pipe work tool bar
* Pipe creation Form
* Pipe Branch Head and Tail connected
* Creating Branch components (Pipe fittings)
*Pipe Branch Head/Tail position Explicit
* Pipe components creation form
2. Attaching fittings (Elbows, Valves, Flanges, Reducer, Tee, Cap etc) to Equipment
3. STRUCTURAL MODELLING: Designing Beams and Columns:
* Choosing specification for Beams and Columns (British Standard)
* Offsetting Beams and Columns
* Designing Plates and Panel
* Picking Plates and Panels points.

· Mechanical/Process Equipments
· * Flow Diagram Reading and Interpretation.
· Developing Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Layout.
· Adding Flow lines, Instrument lines, Inline Components(Reducer, Valves) to
· P& ID Layout.
· * Interpreting and developing P & ID Diagram and Plant Modeling.
· Assigning tags, specs to Equipment and process lines.
· * Piping Specification, Piping Isometrics
· * Piping & Equipment Layout
· Detecting process flow errors and correcting them (Flow conflicts, unconnected components, Spec and Size mismatch, Unlabelled Annotation).

Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling (Refining Industry Focus) Course Agenda
Module 1: Getting Started

  • Define a fluid package – property package
  • Select components, including hypotheticals
  • Install streams and attach stream utilities
  • Customize the Workbook

Module 2: Propane Refrigeration Loop

  • Define a Fluid Package
  • Define streams
  • Navigate the Workbook interface

Module 3: De-pentanizer and De-butanizer

  • Add columns using the Input Experts
  • Use the Spreadsheet
  • Link Templates

Module 4: Oil Characterization

  • Use Oil Characterization in Aspen HYSYS

Module 5: Pre-Heat Train

  • Install and converge heat exchangers
  • Use logical operations: Adjust and Balance
  • Use the Case Study tool to perform case studies on your simulation
Module 6: Atmospheric Crude Column

  • Build an atmospheric crude column
  • Use Aspen HYSYS to analyze and predict the behavior of a simulated column
  • Add side operations to a column to improve operation and efficiency
  • Add cut point specifications to increase side product quality and quantity

Module 7: Vacuum Tower

  • Install a vacuum tower with side draws and pump rounds
  • Perform tray sizing and rating calculations

Module 8: Heat Integration

  • Export pump rounds
  • Use the recycle operation in Aspen HYSYS

Module 9: Rating Heat Exchangers

  • Use the Dynamic Rating method (by providing heat exchanger geometry) to determine if an existing heat exchanger will meet process specifications

Module 12: Aspen Simulation Workbook and Reporting

  • Customize reports using the Report Manager
  • Use XML to create an input data summary
  • Run Excel utilities to view workbook data
  • Use Aspen Simulation Workbook to deploy models in Excel

Target Audience : Engineers( Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Petroleum, Electrical, Material/ Mettalurgical
Graduate trainee, Youth Coopers, Jobseekers)
We also train Engineering/ Design companies Staff.

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