Get ready to say a warm goodbye to smartphones with batteries and cable charger. Well, this sounds funny even to me, but the fact still remains that the era of charging smartphones with charger will soon be scraped out. What and how will we be able to charge our phones?

What and how will we be able to charge our phones?

I believe this is what is going on in your mind right now, and the answer is WIFI. What! How is it possible to charge phone using WiFi? Lols, Do you know that the radio signal transmitted by WiFi and Bluetooth protocols are nothing but electromagnetic waves modulated? am not surprised because everybody don’t know of this. This simply means that WiFi and Bluetooth also carries energy. Backing up this fact, a team of researchers from MIT and the University of Madrid has developed a flexible system that can transform electromagnetic waves into electrical energy. It is a structure that can be integrated into fabrics, covers for objects and so on. .

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