One of the most important choices we make in life is our career choice. What will I spend my life doing? What industry do I want to work in? How do I align my passion and inclinations to my career choice? Some people make this decision at a very young age and relentlessly pursue their goal. For some others, however, it is less obvious and determined over the course of time. Nonetheless, this decision must be made someday.
Non destructive testing is now the new career game changer for professionals. Non Destructive Testing is an analytical method used to evaluate the properties of a material without tempering with the integrity of the material. It is a method that is used to ascertain the ability of materials to be effective for the particular purpose for which it was designed. NDT is used in a very wide range of industries such as; Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Energy, Power, Nuclear, Construction, Transport and job opportunities are virtually limitless.

A career in NDT is a global career and positions you for relevance in divers industries. It requires constant up to date knowledge and improvement on the skills and knowledge already acquired. Here are seven reasons why NDT is the best career to choose in 2019

  1. MULTI DISCIPLINARY: Non-Destructive Testing is a multi disciplinary career path. NDT experts can work in diverse industries ranging from oil and gas, aerospace, nuclear, transport among others. This makes the services offered by NDT professionals premium. They are needed in virtually every sector in every industry

  1. NDT IS AN OPEN CAREER: This is more so because there are no restrictions to who can get into a career in NDT. There are also no stringent entry requirements. Anybody with a prerequisite knowledge of chemistry, physics and mathematics can succeed as an NDT expert. People can begin a career in NDT as young school leavers, undergraduates or even experienced professionals switching careers into new industries

  1. COST EFFECTIVE: Unlike other oil and gas related careers where candidates need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in trainings even abroad before being qualified, NDT provides a cost effective entrance into the industry. NDT trainings are available in country and can be accessed with as low as hundred thousand naira or less. This serves as an advantage for those with interest in building a career in Non Destructive Testing.

  1. INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION: A career in Non-Destructive Testing gives you the opportunity to acquire an internationally accepted certificate. From any part of the world you can get certified by the ASNT and PCN and still enjoy the benefits such certification offers any other person in any other art of the world.

  1. ORGANIC CAREER GROWTH: Non Destructive Testing offers you the opportunity to grow organically and on your budget in the career. You can start up as a level one NDT technician and gradually move up to level three while still earning accordingly. You don’t need to be level 3 certified before you start earning from the career. So its easier to navigate your career map on your own pace.

  1. NDT IS A GLOBAL CAREER: Non Destructive Testing is a career that is needed all over the world. As an NDT Professional your work might be taking you across different countries. One day you are in the gulf of mexico and the other day you are in escravos in delta state, Nigeria. There is no limitation to how far you can go as an NDT professional. NDT certificates are all recognized globally. The standards, compliance and guidelines are all the same all over the world. So one can be trained in Nigeria but work in Japan.

  1. ENORMOUS BENEFITS: NDT is a career that comes with lots of welfare packages, promotions and work place opportunities. In Nigeria, some NDT professionals earn up to hundred thousand daily. There are travel benefits and so much more.

Here at DANHOLSEN GLOBAL we are always available to discuss your career in NDT. Feel free to contact us at any time, by phone or email. For more information regarding our services just head to our web page at

kindly call us on + 234 8034063990, + 234 8034078478

kindly call us on + 234 8034063990, + 234 8034078478

kindly call us on + 234 8034063990, + 234 8034078478