It’s time to learn new language; you can now communicate with people around you, after participating in our Nigerian Language lesson.

Are you in any Nigerian Language Speaking community, but doesn’t favor you because of Language Barrier?

Tell us the Language they speak, we will also teach you, how to communicate woth them, in their Local Language

After the program, you will be able to speak the Language fluently, without any barrier.
Our Tutorial is Practical Learning Methodology with live scenario, Public Communications, Fast Learning kits and lots more.

Objectives of the Lesson
1. To be able to speak the Language Fluently
2. To improve your Communication skills
3. To Improve your Ascent and Pronunciation of words
4. To provide you an easy and faster way of learning the Language

What will you learn?
1. Sentences
2. Pronunciations and Spelling
3. Tone
4. Formulae
5. Vowels
6. Consonants
7. Verbs
8. Noun
9. Pronoun
10. Cardinal Numerals
and lots more…

PRIVATE ONLINE TUTORIAL (One on One Whatsapp Training)
Lesson Fee: N10,500

Lesson Duration: 5 Weeks

PRIVATE HOME TUTORIAL (Tutor will come to teach you, in your preferred location)
Lesson Fee: N45,000

Lesson Duration: 5 Weeks


To enroll in our Language Tutorial, please Call Whatsapp us via: 07062940253