Instrumentation, Control and Automation Systems Design training is organized by COD ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED to provide an overview of process systems instrumentation, and control strategies and configurations. The focus is on application and integration into the process and control of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities. The material of the course is applicable to field production facilities, pipelines, gas plants, and offshore systems, including but not limited to the following;
· Process systems operations and the key characteristics, and measurement needs, as well as techniques to measure and control.

· Control modes and their applications, communications requirements, the operator and computer controller interface.

· Interrelationships between process, equipment, instruments and controls.

· Field (facility) control and monitoring systems such as pressure and level indicators and controllers.

· Field (facility) safety monitoring and response systems including SIS, HIPPS and emergency shutdown valves.

· System-wide considerations including communications, local control, remote control, and data management and use.

Training Date: 24/04/2017
Duration: 3 weeks

Fee: #42,600. To secure a seat- 50% down payment
Venue: 64 Ada George Road, Port-Harcourt.
Contact: [email protected], 08108537955