Moat Academy ( is a leading coding boot camp in Africa situated in Lagos that enables as many interested even with no prior knowledge to become employable in a short period of time, as software developers who inculcate globally accepted best practices in software development.
Our programme caters for various career paths in the software development industry:
Will you like to be an entrepreneur/ independent Consultant like Kenneth? (click here to read interview with Kenneth) who graduated from Moat Academy in 2019 and developed a University Portal that successfully helped more than Fifteen Thousand candidates and the University’s board with their admission screening process.
You will like to go into paid employment like Sunkanmi? (click here to read interview with Sunkanmi) who also graduated from Moat Academy in 2019 and now works as a Software developer with Access Bank.
Above all, we give the competitive advantage that distinguishes our Alumni in the industry thus making them to have an accelerated career like (just to mention a few):
Mariam, who graduated from Moat Academy in 2017 and started her career with Concept Nova before leaving for AfricaCodes; from where she moved to Software Business Solution Consulting and now works as a Software Engineer with Interswitch Group
Mustapha, who graduated from Moat Academy in 2018 and joined Fidelity Bank as a Software Engineer. He now works with UBA.

Are you looking forward to launching your career in the software development field and climbing the career ladder very fast?
Join us as we raise new set of remarkable software developers before the end of the year 2020 by applying on

let us give you the ‘Moat’ advantage!

Commencement Date: August 31, 2020 (Application closes as soon as all our slots are filled or by August 23, 2020)
Duration: 12 weeks, Monday to Friday (9am to 3pm)
What you will learn:

Web Application Front End Development using HTML, CSS, building responsive websites using Bootstrap classes, JavaScript, jQuery and React JS.
Server-Side Programming: MySQL Database modeling and handling, using Object Oriented Programming in PHP or Python (depending on your chosen stack), MVC architecture with Laravel/Flask Framework respectively and AJAX along with other technologies that make application development seamless.
Bonus Modules: Software Engineering, Version Control and Career Services