The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a global student competition open to any higher education institution anywhere in the world. The 2010 Challenge had over 12,000 students in 60 countries competing. This year, Google seeks to reach even more international students.

The Challenge is open to any university and any discipline around the globe, at graduate or undergraduate level.

<b>How does the Program work?</b>
Teams of 3 to 6 students receive US$200 of online advertising with Google AdWords and then find local businesses to work with to strategise an online marketing campaign. Teams outline a strategy, run their campaign, assess the results and provide the business with recommendations to further develop their online marketing activities.

<b>Benefits of The Competition</b>
The Challenge is a great way for you and your classmates to get some hands-on marketing experience in the ever changing world of online marketing. It's a skill that will come in handy as you graduate and prepare to enter a tough job market, but most importantly: it's a fun and engaging way to gain real-world experience helping businesses develop their online marketing strategies.

<b>Registration Deadline and Competition Dates</b>
Registration closes: January 14, 2011
Challenge starts: January 31, 2011
Challenge ends: June 10, 2011
Winners announced: July 2011
For more details on how to register visit