The current job market is extremely competitive, and companies are hiring young professionals who can make an immediate impact in the workplace. The Strategic Graduate Management Program ( SGMP) will provide you with the tools you need to distinguish yourself and get hired. It is a Six-week program that provides participants with a strong foundation in business management fundamentals.

Attend this training and Get a Guaranteed full time Job that will pay you between 75,000 to 120,000
Benefits for participants

· Develop key business skills and enhance your employability
· Learn the ABCs of business – our rigorous coursework exposes you to five key areas of business: marketing, accounting, finance, operations, and communications
· Stay engaged with the material and improve your knowledge retention with our varied course assignments
· Get a guaranteed Job that can pay between 75,000 to 120,000 monthly at the end of the training

Who should attend
· Graduate professionals who need a well-rounded, practical, actionable set of skills and tools to enhance analytical, personal, professional, and business acumen and get a Guaranteed Job

Some Guaranteed Job Roles available

· Client Management & Business Growth Support Analyst ( Consulting firm )
· Digital Business Analyst ( E-commerce Company)
· HR Analyst (Recruitment and Talent Management Services company)
· Business Research & Consulting Analyst (Consulting firm)

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